About USSR

USSR is a artists-Run space committed to contemporary art and communication by promoting and fostering creation through residences that open spaces for dialogue, reflection, education, production exchange and collaborative work that aims to enrich the different ways of thinking, producing and relating to art and contemporary culture.

Founded in 2018, USSR is located in Mexico City. Through its residency, the program aims at giving place to national and international artists that, within a timeframe of minimum two weeks and maximum a month, create an exhibition highlighting the achievements accomplished during the program.

Through this experience the participants generate links with the local art scene and international art spaces, promoting dialogue between artists and their audiences.

Besides a residency, USSR is an exhibition and communication platform for artists with different trajectories, interests and ways of relating with their environment.


Our talents

  • Melanie McLain

    Melanie McLain

    United States, 1982
  • Ciler


    México, 1982
  • Andrés Felipe Gallo

    Andrés Felipe Gallo

    Colombia ,1988
  • Abraham Gonzalez Pacheco

    Abraham Gonzalez Pacheco

    México, 1989
  • Krystel Rascón

    Krystel Rascón

    México, 1989
  • Yuki Ogura

    Yuki Ogura

    Japón, 1985
  • Jimena Schlaepfer

    Jimena Schlaepfer

    México, 1982
  • Daniel Alcalá

    Daniel Alcalá

    México, 1974
  • Alejandro García Contreras

    Alejandro García Contreras

    México, 1982
  • Marcos Castro

    Marcos Castro

    México, 1981

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